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We are passionate about helping organizations create exponential results by creating inclusive cultures where all leaders and teams can operate at their highest potential.

We believe thriving, successful companies that create truly inclusive, high performance organizations focus their development on coaching:




What clients are saying...

"As a result of our first two day team session with Gisele, everything has already changed. My only regret is I didn't hire Gisele sooner. We are now delivering our business results. We are doing this through what is in an open, energized atmosphere where members are speaking up, taking risks, collaborating, holding each other accountable, aligning on decisions and getting more work done. We are forthcoming with feedback and making real-time changes. The vibe of the team has completely changed through embracing new behaviors and ways of working."
~ Senior Vice President, Global Business, Consumer Products

"I have found Gisele’s coaching to be of significant help in my development as a senior leader.  I have found her to be very balanced between the theoretical and practical.  Both of these things have given her a very high level of credibility with me.  The coaching has exceeded my original expectations and are clearly impacting my own effectiveness and ultimately business results."

~ Sales Director, Large Food Company

"Gisele is one of the most effective consultants I have worked with in my 30+ years.  She is equally adept at seeing the big picture and ensuring goals are achieved as she is with planning and managing details to achieve flawless execution.  Gisele is skilled in working with individuals at all levels.  She is a highly skilled public speaker with the ability to facilitate large groups to achieve measurable results."

Director, Leadership Development and Executive Coaching, NASA Office of Human Capital Management

"Working with Gisele has been the most impactful area of my professional development over the course of my career. Our coaching has opened up my views, made my work consistently enjoyable, and I feel confident. Working with Gisele has been a huge impact not because she is a coach, because she is Gisele. Before working with her I felt like a sailboat with no rudder. Now I have a rudder behind my boat, allowing me to steer in the direction I want to go. This has been one of the most helpful things I have ever done."

~ Executive, Financial Services

"I’ve led HR organizations for over 20 years and have never come across a coach as strong and effective as Gisele Garcia. She’s highly intuitive, smart and has a super-human level of E.Q. There are many things I appreciate about Gisele but to name a few is that she’ll go where the team needs to go (vs. following her own agenda), she won’t let you off the hook which leads to ​true ​growth and she’s a terrific partner when spanning the big picture of organizational performance or the nuance of individual relationships. Gisele will always be ​a partner I turn to. If you’re thinking about hiring her to work with you or your team, do it!"

~ Senior Vice President Human Resources

"I have gotten more bold in my leadership which makes me feel clear and empowered, as a credit to Gisele’s coaching. I look forward to Gisele's regular communications and read each one, because there is always something I relate to and benefit from in both my work and personal life. I share them with my team and key stakeholders because there are relevant points that can help them grow and develop as leaders. Thank you for the insights !"

~ Chris Hennesey
VP, Technology Finance or VP, Technology CFO

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