The Leader's Roadmap:

Building & Sustaining Trust

Creating team performance that results in the team’s ability to become aligned and inclusive, creating a team entity that is far more powerful than the sum of its parts through transparent communication, cross-functional collaboration and Enterprise accountability.

The Result:

Immediate impact, lasting change, exponential results

Measurable RESULTS:

  •  Aligned and productive leadership team performance.

Team members create Transparent Communication and are able to have the conversations that have been too hard to have. They assume Accountability beyond their functional focus to the Enterprise level. They Collaborate cross-functionally and optimize the power of the team.  They solve Conflict/s they have been avoiding or not fully resolving.  They run Meetings that are the best use of time. They make, communicate and implement good Decisions efficiently.

Teams fully unlock their potential. The significant impact is measured based on a set of quantifiable measures in the team and with a multiplied, greater impact further down in the organization.

  • Leaders’ problems solved.

Everything from solving team talent challenges, aligning with and influencing key stakeholders, improving ways of working to be efficient and effective, thereby saving time and increasing effectiveness.

  • Successful new team leader transitions.

Gisele has been referred to as an “insurance policy” for companies to ensure their investment is successful.

  • Leaders unlock their full potential.

Measured in their ability to speak up for what they think and feel, sign up for new actions and opportunities, stand up for what matters, step into new challenges, self-advocate and build their network.

  • Mid-sized companies doubling and tripling their value.

Ultimately resulting in profitable transactions.

What clients are saying…

“Because of working with Gisele in the pursuit of developing high performance teams, our company is in a much better place during the COVID crisis. We’ve been able to remain highly agile during the crisis because we have shared goals, alignment, high peer-to-peer accountability, and strong relationships established. Gisele is the crème de la crème of executive coaching. We are forever grateful to her and would recommend her to any organization.”

~ CHRO, Retail

“Gisele built our team to be high performing, and it has been inspiring to watch as our communication has become transparent and open, our collaboration is high, and our shared accountability is operating at a level it has never been. Our leadership team is now cascading ownership and empowering the next level, enabling our organization to exceed our goals. Our broader team is engaged, committed and starting to step out of their comfort zones. Gisele is truly a magician. Results from team sessions are beyond what I could have imagined was possible.”

~ Stacey E. Rosen, MD, FACC, FACP, FAHA
Senior Vice President, Katz Institute for Women’s Health
Professor of Cardiology, Zucker School of Medicine

“As a result of our first two day team session with Gisele, everything has already changed. My only regret is I didn’t hire Gisele sooner. We are now delivering our business results. We are doing this through what is in an open, energized atmosphere where members are speaking up, taking risks, collaborating, holding each other accountable, aligning on decisions and getting more work done. We are forthcoming with feedback and making real-time changes. The vibe of the team has completely changed through embracing new behaviors and ways of working. As the leader, this has made my life easier because I’m not the only one making decisions, and I am no longer rowing the boat completely on my own. For the first time we are operating as a team and we all have each others’ backs. I highly recommend working with her and her team for anyone who wants to realize the full potential of their team and organization in an efficient, highly impactful way.”

~ Senior Vice President, Global Business, Consumer Products

“When I formed a new leadership team to take our company to the next level, I knew we would need help. Having known Gisele for more than a decade and engaged in group coaching with her, I believed that she would be the right partner to the team. We are in the midst of working with Gisele to become a high-performing leadership team, and I’m already seeing significant benefits of our work with her. With humor, a no-nonsense style, and decades of experience working with top executives, she has helped us see what has been holding us back and given us valuable tools for communicating and growing our effectiveness as individual leaders and as a team. The work we have done is already helping us work more effectively and efficiently by enabling us to fast-track key decisions, increase accountability and create a breakthrough in how we engage together.”

~ CEO, Professional Services Company

“I’ve led HR organizations for over 20 years and have never come across a coach as strong and effective as Gisele Shelley. She’s highly intuitive, smart and has a super-human level of E.Q. There are many things I appreciate about Gisele but to name a few is that she’ll go where the team needs to go (vs. following her own agenda), she won’t let you off the hook which leads to ​true ​growth and she’s a terrific partner when spanning the big picture of organizational performance or the nuance of individual relationships. Gisele will always be ​a partner I turn to. If you’re thinking about hiring her to work with you or your team, do it!”

~ SVP HR, Retail Company

“Gisele is probably the best facilitator I’ve seen in terms of being focused on outcomes and yet steering with a light touch and injecting humor and levity in an ideal manner. I would recommend Gisele to lead any group of any level and stature. In fact if I could clone her, I would produce “10 Gisele’s” to work in our organization.”

~ Head of Executive Coaching, Industrial Products Company

“Gisele is a phenomenal executive coach and team consultant. I learned an enormous amount of self-awareness and realization on how much a leader impacts the team. In line with that, I have a strong understanding of my responsibilities and accountabilities as a leader. Something that makes Gisele different — she has helped me be a better person … way beyond just work.”

~ President, Consumer Products Company

The Leader's Roadmap:

3 Key Ingredients Before Starting to Build a High Performing Leadership Team

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