High Impact Coaching
for Executives

The Leader's Roadmap:

How to get out of the weeds, increase Effectiveness, and Empower Others

Through focused development and support, leaders uncover what’s getting in their way, address challenges that are hindering their own and their team’s effectiveness, develop insights and solve problems, experiment with new approaches and ultimately make choices that help them thrive personally and their teams operate at the highest level of performance.

The Result:

Immediate impact, lasting change, exponential results

Targeted Focus Areas

Unlocking Potential through:

  • Developing others, solving talent issues
  • Addressing team challenges and ways of working
  • Increasing influence with key stakeholders
  • Enhancing executive presence
  • Increasing emotional intelligence and self-awareness
  • Leading through change and transitions

What clients are saying…

“Working with Gisele has been the most impactful area of my professional development over the course of my career. Our coaching has opened up my views, increased my confidence and made my work consistently enjoyable. Working with Gisele has been a huge impact not because she is a coach, because she is Gisele. Before working with her I felt like a sailboat with no rudder. Now I have a rudder behind my boat, allowing me to steer in the direction I want to go. This has been one of the most helpful things I have ever done.”

~ Executive, Financial Services

“Gisele changed my whole life. She pushed me to figure out what I wanted to do with my career and what I wanted out of life, then she helped me get there. Her ability to run the most important meeting for the launch of my new organization was extraordinary. People still refer to it as the best meeting they have ever attended.”

~ SVP/Head of Merchant Services, Financial Services Company

“Gisele’s quiet confidence and years of experience act like a rudder, helping executives and teams exponentially grow and develop while navigating uncertain and often emotionally charged waters.”

Chairman of the Board of Directors, Software Company

“Gisele is a fantastic coach! I have increased confidence and motivation to change behavior with tools/models/steps to follow.  She is terrific at assessing group dynamics and coaching you to come up with simple and specific plans to chip away at change. She’s also very effective in bridging the gap between model behavior and communication skills, and coaching you to own authentic/effective delivery to suit given situations and objectives.”

~ SVP, Financial Services Company

“I found Gisele’s approach to focus on “me”, asking questions and adding comments that prompted self-reflection in new ways, extremely helpful and inspiring.  I’ve been able to take charge of both my career and life goals and make real, noticeable, differences; I truly appreciate that.”

~ Finance Director, Pharmaceutical Company

“I’ve led HR organizations for over 20 years and have never come across a coach as strong and effective as Gisele Shelley. She’s highly intuitive, smart and has a super-human level of E.Q. There are many things I appreciate about Gisele but to name a few is that she’ll go where the team needs to go (vs. following her own agenda), she won’t let you off the hook which leads to ​true ​growth and she’s a terrific partner when spanning the big picture of organizational performance or the nuance of individual relationships. Gisele will always be ​a partner I turn to. If you’re thinking about hiring her to work with you or your team, do it!”

~ SVP HR, Retail Company

“Gisele is a phenomonal executive coach and team consultant. I learned an enormous amount of self-awareness and realization on how much a leader impacts the team. In line with that, I have a strong understanding of my responsibilities and accountabilities as a leader. Something that makes Gisele different — she has helped me be a better person … way beyond just work.”

~ President, Consumer Products Company

“Intuitive and experienced, provocative and wise, engaging and objective are the words that come to mind. Wanting to protect my team, I was bogged down which distracted me from being an effective leader. When I took that weight off my shoulders THAT created opportunity for my team. THAT created time:  time to BE an effective leader, time to listen, and time to learn and develop. It also created the space to be present and more time for family. When I let go, it was LIBERATING and EXCITING. I could not have imagined a better partner than Gisele to support me in navigating this leadership journey.”

~ Associate General Counsel, Financial Services Company

“If you want an easy ride and have no real intentions for self-improvement, don’t pick Gisele as your coach.  She is sharp, insightful and will hold up the mirror. She will give you tangible tools for becoming a better leader and invaluable perspectives for all aspects of your life. She does this in a warm, authentic and engaging way. I cannot say enough about how valuable her coaching has been for me both personally and professionally. Perhaps my actions speak louder than words. I continue to work with Gisele, not only when promoted internally, but after I left the organization.”

~ SVP R&D, Consumer Foods Company

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